Month: February 2018

How To Plan Your Kitchen Renovation On A Budget

Published / by Favia Serrano

Planning out your next pantry remodeling project with a small budget. Here are some great tips to consider right away. Great stock finds Maintaining a flexible planning system is the secret to the success of a renovation project that is done on a budget. If you are looking at a serious renovation in your pantry you will have to re do many things in the kitchen including the flooring and other countertops as well. Plus you will also have to take care of any stained sinks and other tubs in the pantry as well. The ideal way to find material and necessary equipment is when you are at the end of the year where there are Christmas sales and end of the year sales. You will be able to find the necessary Martials at a great price, available in bulk and ideal for your exact renovation plans. Ideally, every pantry remodeling project should take around six months of planning and this means that you get to take your time and gather up the materials.

Stick to the retro design styles

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the good old’ retro styles when renovating kitchens. Also you get to mix and match with the rest of the interior tones in the house. this is a chance to get your creative juices flowing since your budget would not allow the hiring of an interior designer, you will have to take care of the designs on your own. You can also decide if you are planning to add the stylish aspect to the kitchen and if they are a must. If you are planning to include kitchen benchtops you will have to pool in a bit more money for the project. However, it will give the entire project an elegant and a stylish outlook.

Go halfsies with the contractor

If you are really stuck in your budget, there is nothing wrong with talking to your contractor and sharing some of the work with him. You can explain the situation to the contractor and you can let the contractor take over the difficult tasks while you can take over the little work that requires less attention to detail.

Smart storage options

Your ulterior motive of remodeling the pantry is the impression you are planning to give to those who are visiting your home. And there is nothing wrong with the matter as well. Make sure that you think ergonomic, practical and functional when you are working out the details of the project and its final outcome. Try out smart drawer options and other storage facilities that will improve the efficiency of the entire project and bring in a touch of ergonomics.